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Move vital ministry forward by giving where needed most.

Middle East/North Africa  

Marketplace Ministers work in both urban and rural areas of this region that are closed to traditional missionary activity due to political, social, or religious reasons. Our teams are composed of experienced professionals who share their expertise in the fields of business and education while carrying out intentional ministry through relationships where they live and work. 

Marketplace Ministers in the Middle East/North Africa region may:  

  • Initiate Discovery Bible Study groups to reach whole communities with the Good News. 
  • Use Business-as-mission strategies to transform the workplace and create good jobs. 
  • Train local entrepreneurs using Bible-based Kingdom business curricula. 
  • Employ Community Health Evangelism (CHE) principles to serve impoverished communities. 
  • Connect with locals by teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) courses. 
  • Engage with local believers in a contextually appropriate way by learning the local language and customs.