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REACH dates: June 1 — August 5, 2017

The application deadline for REACH 2017 has passed. Check back in September for information about REACH 2018!


Is REACH right for me?

REACH interns served with CMF team members in 10 different areas of the world in 2016: from Germany to Asia, Africa to Chile, and many points in-between. Their jobs varied widely, but they all worked hard, had adventures, got homesick, and met awesome people. Here are just a few of the hundreds of things they got to do in Jesus’ name on their summer breaks:

  • Help teach students with special needs in Nairobi.
  • Work in a highly-respected HIV/AIDS clinic in Abengourou, Ivory Coast.
  • Help teach in different grade levels in a Missions of Hope school in the Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Vaccinate babies in a Maasai medical clinic in Kenya.
  • Meet and interview men and women who are clients in the BigDent microfinance program.
  • Spend time building relationships with college students in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Serve many meals in Germany’s campus ministry as a way to make connections with people.
  • Lead a sports camp and VBS in the bush of Ethiopia.
  • Visit and pray with Muslims in their homes.
  • Go on a retreat with college students in Germany.
  • Travel to rural villages and provide mobile clinics for needy patients.
  • Sing and dance with migrant children during VBS in Asia.

Along the way they also rode elephants, went on safari, navigated the streets of big cities and tiny villages, lived in homes with national families, learned to cook over open fires, took bucket baths, battled heat, strange insects, exhaustion and interesting cuisine, and stretched themselves in ways they had never dreamed of. Sound like fun? They thought so. Check out your options for summer 2017! Come join us for REACH!

Reach FAQs

Q: What is REACH?

A: REACH is an eight-week summer internship experience for young people who are considering missionary service. Teams of interns travel to countries where experienced CMF team members live and work and join them in hands-on field ministry.

Q: What is the schedule for 2017?

A: June 1 – August 5, 2017
Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) in Indianapolis: June 1 – June 6, 2017
On the field: June 7 – August 1
Debrief: August 2 – August 5

Q: Where can I serve in 2017?

Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico: Interns will work in the areas of youth and children’s ministry, intercessory prayer, spiritual development, and drama/street evangelism.

Mexico (Fuego Nuevo): Interns will serve in urban ministries among the poor and middle class, focusing on VBS, teaching English, working with youth in the church and among the unreached, and other team ministry aimed at community development.

Rugby, England: Interns will serve in cutting-edge, missional ministry that focuses on building relationships outside the church walls. They’ll be partnering with a local British church to encourage the establishment of new, emergent church communities.

Tübingen, Germany: In this Globalscope campus ministry, interns will build relationships with German students, help with meals and events, participate in one-on-one Bible study and leadership groups, and assist the team with various campus ministry activities.

Bangkok, Thailand: Interns will be a part of a dynamic campus ministry called Grapevine, located on the campus of Thammasat University. Grapevine uses relational evangelism to reach Buddhist Thai students, providing them with authentic community and acceptance. Interns will be involved in all the Grapevine events: Souper Tuesday, Bible studies, sports outreach, teaching English, music, parties, and community outreach.

Asia: Our team plans several summer English camps that reach out to migrant children in this large urban area. Interns who have a desire to teach and a passion for children will have the opportunity to help with these English camps, lead VBS programs in the local church, and build relationships with college students and young professionals.

India: CMF’s partnership with Asian Partners International has opened a new field for interns in 2017. Ministry opportunities may include teaching ESL and/or computer skills, taking care of infants at an adoption center, working with street children, or coaching/working with young people in a sports ministry. Interns will stay on a ministry compound with a national family.

Southeast Asia: Interns will serve in this predominately Muslim country focusing on village outreach and building relationships with college students at a local university through campus ministry efforts.

Burkina Faso: The main emphasis will be on ministry among the Jula, an unreached Muslim people group. We are actively looking for university students from engineering, education, Teaching English as a Second Language, health/nutrition, micro-enterprise/business, agriculture and cross-cultural ministry programs. Interns will study the Dioula language, teach an English club, help with a children’s health club and Chronological Bible storytelling groups, as well as work on an experimental farm. Development projects tailored to each intern’s area of knowledge will be included.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Our urban poor team works in association with a local partner, Strong Hearts Ethiopia, to carry out holistic ministry among those trapped in poverty. Interns will work with at-risk street children through sports camps, VBS’s, and other educational events. Interns will also have opportunity to teach English, assist in the microfinance department, and work with a hospice program that serves those suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Malawi: Our team partners with Namikango Mission in a variety of ministries, including a Bible School, maternity clinic, agricultural training, village savings and loans, and Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Interns will live with missionary families to support the ongoing work with their skillsets. In addition to these areas, interns’ particular areas of focus may include journalism, photography, health education, village savings and loans, women’s ministry, youth ministry, agriculture, and preaching and teaching.

Nairobi, Kenya: Interns will work in the slums of Mathare Valley through a variety of ministries: Community Health Evangelism, business development, spiritual development and education. Interns will work with the national staff, bringing hope and transformation to this slum community.

Q: How old do I need to be to participate in REACH?

A: You must complete at least your freshman year of college before beginning your internship. Apply by Dec. 16, 2016.

Q: Is this a paid internship?

A: No, but we will assist you in raising your own support and provide tax-exempt receipts from CMF for your donors. The cost of your internship depends on your field of service.

Q: What other services does CMF provide for its interns?

A: CMF will assist you with passport and visa procurement, travel arrangements, medical requirements and packing.

Q: Will I receive any training before I leave?

A: CMF provides extensive training through a required six-day Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO) in Indianapolis. Interns learn skills in team building, language learning, cross-cultural adaptation, and building relationships, and receive spiritual preparation and specific pre-field training.

Q: Who will supervise my activities on the field?

A: You’ll receive guidance and oversight on the field from veteran CMF team members and their partners.

Q: My parents have a lot of questions about REACH. Where can they find some more information?

A: In addition to this page, ask your parents to look at our parents’comment page for further information.

Q: What happens when I return to the US after my internship?

A: Before you return home, you’ll complete your internship with a three-day Debrief that will prepare you for re-entry and help you process, maximize and bring closure to your mission experience.