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Craig Fowler, Ethiopia, coronavirus, leadership

Visit four Ethiopian churches with Craig Fowler

Although the leaders of the churches in Ethiopia are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, they are still very concerned about how the virus is impacting the churches in the United States and pray for them regularly, reports Ethiopia team leader Craig Fowler.

Craig visited four Ethiopian countryside churches in May and was encouraged by what he found.

“Ethiopia has not been hit as hard by the virus as the U.S., but churches here still can’t meet in person,” he said.

So, Craig visited and prayed with the leaders of churches in Shambu, Jarte, Kampi and Lalisey, and was pleased to see that the leaders are still able to minister to their people and are praying for the end of the pandemic, especially in the U.S.

“God is still at work in Ethiopia,” he said. “Please pray for the church in Ethiopia and remember that they are praying for you!”

Enjoy Craig’s brief video tour here.


Coronavirus, Craig Fowler, Ethiopia, leadership

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