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Sam and Becca Loibor-Mongi, Kenya, Church Catalyst, DMM, Disciple Making Movement, Community Christian Church, CCC

Meet Sam and Becca Loibor-Mongi

Sam and Becca Loibor-Mongi are currently preparing to serve in Kenya with our Church Catalyst team. Sam will work within ongoing Disciple Making Movement (DMM) initiatives there, as well as help with leadership development within Community Christian Church (CCC) churches. Becca will likely be teaching at an international school in Kenya or working with a local ministry to children with special education needs.

Sam grew up in a small village in Kenya and gave his life to Christ during his last year of high school. That led him to seminary school in Nairobi, where he trained to be a pastor.

“We planted a church in the city, and I was involved in teaching, pastoral ministry, and I was appointed as a pastor,” he said. “So, I served about five years in a church, and then the Lord called me for long-term mission. I was involved in disciple-making and church-planting, and leadership development.”

During Becca’s childhood, many of her extended family members were missionaries in various parts of the world. “I grew up hearing about their experiences and their stories of being missionaries overseas, and so that had already been part of my life and my heart, just hearing about their experiences,” she said.

Before getting married, Becca taught internationally in Kenya, as well. Both Sam and Becca are excited to get back to the country and continue their call to ministry together.

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CCC, Church Catalyst, Community Christian Church, disciple making movement, DMM, Kenya, Sam and Becca Loibor-Mongi