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Katie Roshelli, Freiburg, Germany, Globalscope, campus ministry, Georgia Tech

Katie Roshelli: ‘I’m going to Freiburg, Germany, with Globalscope!’

Katie went to Georgia Tech planning for a career in science, but her time in campus ministry impacted not only her faith, but also altered her entire life plan.

“Campus ministry gave me a space to have doubts and faith,” she said. “My new friends had a life that was so different. I learned that God is not afraid of questions.”

Now Katie is planning to serve with the Globalscope campus ministry team in Freiburg, Germany.

“My passion is to help make a space where people can experience what it’s like to be completely loved and accepted,” she said. “I’m excited to join the Freiburg team and offer them some of the knowledge I gained during my four years in seminary.”

Listen to Katie’s exciting and inspiring plans for becoming a part of what God is doing in the lives of German students!

campus ministry, Freiburg, Georgia Tech, Germany, Globalscope, Katie Roshelli

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