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IDES, Turkana, Kenya, farming, locusts, Eric Lorupoe

IDES helps Turkana farmers replant after locust devastation

The International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES) has once again come to the aid of farmers in Turkana, Kenya, following the devastation of their crops this year by desert locusts, reports Eric Lorupoe, the farm and water projects manager with the CMF team in Turkana.

“The farmers were filled with joy to hear of IDES’ support and the plan to supply them with seeds, pest control chemicals, sprayers, fruit trees and fertilizers,” said Eric.

With the IDES gift of about $30,000, the team in Turkana has been able to procure supplies to help restore hope to the Turkana farmers.

IDES, Turkana, Kenya, farming, locusts, Eric Lorupoe
The Turkana farmers received fertilizer, pesticides and sprayers along with new seeds and seedlings, thanks to a grant from IDES.

IDES, Turkana, Kenya, farming, locusts, Eric Lorupoe
Farmers learn the best way to plant fruit tree seedlings in Turkana, Kenya.

“Farmers have been preparing their farms for planting, and in the last three weeks we have planted 800 fruit trees for 400 farmers, and more will benefit as we continue to bring in more supplies,” said Eric.

“The trees are mainly papaya and mangoes,” added Eric. “We gave a demonstration on how to plant the fruit trees, and not even the flowing river could stop them from coming to collect their seedlings.”

The team was also able to supply seeds for crops such as spinach, carrots, onions, peppers, butternut and watermelon, plus pesticides, fertilizers and sprayers.

“Lives will be changed as fruit trees grow and produce,” said Eric. “The farms are a source of self-employment to these families and continue to be points of sharing the good news of Jesus. It is a joy for me to visit and meet farmers who are proud to show off their crops and hear testimonies of how farms have changed their lives.”

Enjoy the celebration as the farmers and their families receive new supplies to replant their farms.

(There is no sound until about 46 seconds into the video)

Eric Lorupoe, farming, IDES, Kenya, locusts, Turkana