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Preston Coursey, Kristin Coursey, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Covid, food relief

Food distribution becomes baptismal service in Thai village

A pandemic relief food distribution in a small village outside Chiang Mai, Thailand, turned into a spontaneous baptismal service, according to CMF team members Preston and Kristin Coursey.

“This was the second food distribution in this village,” said Kristin Coursey. “We partnered with the local church to distribute the food and had an opportunity to sit down with most of the villagers and encourage them.”

Preston Coursey, Kristin Coursey, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Covid, food relief
The Courseys work to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable projects in villages near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While the Courseys were there, the local pastor introduced them to a couple who had just recently accepted Christ but had not yet been baptized. Montree, their Thai ministry partner, asked the couple if they wanted to be baptized, and they did!

“It was awesome to witness this couple taking the next step in their faith through baptism,” said Kristin. “We spent time encouraging the couple in their decision and reminding them of the importance of prayer and growing to know God.”

The Courseys are grateful for all who were a part of this beautiful event.

“I’m grateful that God spoke into the hearts of this couple and, hopefully, others who received the food packages,” said Kristin. “We’re thankful for the local pastor who has been ministering to these villagers and we’re grateful that Montree responded to the Holy Spirit’s leading and stepped in to encourage the baptisms.”

Chiang Mai, Covid, food relief, Kristin Coursey, Preston Coursey, Thailand