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Chilean sisters choose baptism together at El Oasis campus house

Katy and Mariam are sisters and best friends; they do almost everything together. So it wasn’t weird that when one of Mariam’s friends invited her (in 2013) to El Oasis, the Globalscope campus ministry in Santiago, Chile, that she invited Katy, too, according to campus minister Stephanie Ossa.

“Mariam and Katy grew up in a Catholic home where they were baptized, confirmed and had their first communion in the Church,” Stephanie said. “In grade school both were involved in kids’ camps and enjoyed the church, but as they arrived in their high school years they became disenchanted. As Katy would put it, ‘We did all the right things, went to all the right activities but there wasn’t anything deeper.’ ”

When they arrived at El Oasis they were no longer attending church and were looking for something that had more meaning. In El Oasis they found people who were living out the love of Christ and who showed them that following Christ was more than just following rituals or doing the “right” things.

“After three years of being involved in El Oasis and God calling them to follow Him, both Katy and Mariam took time out of celebrating with everyone at our kickoff party this year to tell different people on the team of their desire to be baptized,” said Stephanie. “Talk about something to celebrate!

“When asked what made them decide to be baptized now, they both expressed the need to let Jesus really be in their hearts and to let Him really rule,” Stephanie added. “Katy said that it was like she wasn’t really letting God be in her heart, but that she was keeping him at bay. Mariam said that she felt it was the first step in really starting to follow Jesus. Please join us in celebrating their new life in Christ and be praying for them as they continue to grow in their walk!”

Bautismo de Katy y Mariam from El Oasis Chile on Vimeo.


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