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REACH intern: ‘Love speaks every language’

“Love speaks every language.” This is the phrase written across the T-shirts that my teammates (Kelsie Weaver and Julia Hounshell) and I (Hannah Lins) wear. Over our six weeks in Asia, these words proved themselves true. Throughout our time here, learning the language has been both a joy and a struggle.

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Climb Kilimanjaro with CMF!

Kilimanjaro is a metaphor for the compelling beauty of East Africa. It’s the highest peak on the African continent and the highest free-standing mountain in the world, rising in breathtaking isolation from the surrounding coastal scrubland to a height of 19,341 feet.

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Six months in Mexico City was a blessing

Words cannot describe how blessed I have been during my six months in Mexico City. I have been blown away by the children of this city! These kids are the next generation. One day they will be missionaries, leading churches, and spreading the gospel.

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