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MOHI, Nairobi, Kenya, Mathare Valley, Kosovo School, solar panels

Solar-powered electricity at Kosovo School

In the Mathare Valley of Nairobi, Kenya, installation of solar panels on Missions of Hope International’s (MOHI) Kosovo School has recently finished.  

When the local power company in the Kosovo community removed its infrastructure because of people repeatedly stealing electricity from the lines, it left the area without power for months. 

MOHI, Nairobi, Kenya, Mathare Valley, Kosovo School, solar panels MOHI’s Kosovo School has been completely without power during this time, meaning no power to light classrooms without windows, run staff computers, or allow students to use the computer lab recently opened so that younger students could complete the assignments that the government curriculum requires on the computer.  

Thanks to CMF partners who donated money specifically for this project, these solar panels will ensure that even when the power is out in the community, the school will have electricity.  

“We’re all doing a happy dance that these children and teachers can have the electricity needed to receive a quality education and that God continues to bring light into the darkness through the generosity of CMF partners,” says Erin McDade, Director of Advancement with CMF.   

John Obongo, Kosovo’s Head Teacher is so appreciative of God’s provision for the resources to get the solar installation. "The parents, staff and students are excited because of the light. Now they are enjoying library lessons, attending computer lessons and conducive lightened classrooms for learning activities.” 

Kenya, Kosovo School, Mathare Valley, MOHI, Nairobi, solar panels