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Mexico City: ‘A distant dream’ comes true through DBS

Discovery Bible Studies are having a big impact in the ministry of the La Zona Community Center led by CMF team members Misael and Yola Cruz in Mexico City.

“One of our main strategies to engage people with Jesus is DBS, and as a result of this work, we had our first baptisms in Xalatloco in May,” said Misael. “This strategy is ongoing in that location, and people asked us to start a weekly worship meeting. That began on May 30 and has an average attendance of 40 adults!”

Another 15 baptisms have taken place in Fuego Nuevo, another Mexico City neighborhood, as a result of DBS. A new DBS is being held in the neighborhood of CTM Culhuacan.

“Fifteen new DBS groups will start running in August,” said Misael. “Our goal for 2020 is to have 40 first-generation groups and five second-generation groups – new disciples making disciples – in our city.

“We are overflowing with thankfulness to God,” added Misael. “He has led us to experience what some time ago seemed to be only a distant dream!”

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