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Salamanca, Spain, En Vivo, Globalscope, Hope International University, cross-cultural, college ministry, intercultural studies, biblical studies

“Impacted by the Love of God: Presley and Nic Terry”

Presley and Nic Terry are headed to Salamanca, Spain, to serve with En Vivo, a CMF Globalscope campus ministry.

Both Presley and Nic graduated from Hope International University in California, where they each majored in Intercultural Studies and minored in Biblical Studies. Long term, they feel called to help build Christ-centered communities in cross-cultural settings, mainly through college ministry.

Nic: “Our hearts are focused on young adults and college ministry because that’s such a pivotal point in people’s lives.

Both Nic and Presley are passionate about college ministry, because it had such an impact on them during their own college years.

Presley: “Those years in college are pivotal and relational— really foundational years for the rest of your life. I found that when I came alongside people or someone came alongside me during those couple of years, they were so impactful and encouraging. That’s something that I want to bring to the table in Spain.”

Nic: “I know for me, my faith was really refined during that time, so to be able to give back and serve God and serve others in that way is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.”

Nic and Presley are recently married and are excited to pursue this dream and calling alongside each other.

Presley: “When we started dating, we started talking about common interests and things we were passionate about, and it was amazing to see how God had intertwined our stories before we started dating, and our passions and interests just aligned."

Now, they look forward to building relationships with students in Spain and helping cultivate a space with En Vivo where people are welcomed and impacted by the love of God.

biblical studies, college ministry, cross-cultural, En Vivo, Globalscope, Hope International University, intercultural studies, Salamanca, Spain