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Women’s health is focus of team members’ service in Turkana

In honor of International Women’s Day 2020 today, we are sharing this story about two CMF team members, Rachel Williams and Caitlin Pitts, who are making a difference in the lives of young women in Turkana, Kenya.

The two young women recently led a training on malaria prevention in a neighboring village and then taught a Days for Girls lesson at a local primary school.

“The girls were all very excited to learn and receive their hygiene kits,” said Caitlin, “and we continue to have requests for more DfG trainings.”

“Kenya is one of the most rapidly developing nations in East Africa but is still fighting to make education and healthcare resources accessible to the average Kenyan,” said Rachel. “One of the areas where the gap between rich and poor is felt most keenly is in women’s menstrual health.

“We are so excited to broaden the scope of our CHE trainings, equip local trainers and help launch women’s businesses making and selling the DFG kits,” added Rachel.  “We have seen first-hand how God uses these trainings to help women relinquish fear and shame as they see and understand that they are made in the image of God!”

You can support the DfG trainings that help Turkana women reclaim their days in school and start small businesses making and selling the DfG kits. Each kit costs $11 to make in Turkana.

Go here to sponsor a kit today!

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