Team member shares the Easter story in Ukrainian public school!

Leah Scharfenberg, Berdyansk, Ukraine

An invitation to make an Easter craft in a friend’s son’s class led to an opportunity for CMF team member Leah Scharfenberg to share the gospel story in a public school in Berdyansk, Ukraine.

“My friend Lilia has a son in first grade, and his teacher asked Lilia to come in and make an Easter craft with the children in his class,” said Leah, a member of the CMF team in Ukraine.

Lilia agreed, but told the teacher, “I can’t stand in front of them and talk about bunnies and eggs. If I lead the craft, it will be about Jesus.” And the teacher agreed!

Leah Scharfenberg, Berdyansk, Ukraine

Leah Scharfenberg helps Ukrainian first-graders with their Easter butterfly craft project.

Leah Scharfenberg, Berdyansk, Ukraine

This butterfly craft symbolized the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

“I was so thankful that Lilia invited me to help her,” said Leah. “She taught the class the story of Jesus and His resurrection and what it means for us. When she asked who was hearing this story for the first time, almost every student’s hand was in the air.

“After the lesson, the students made a butterfly craft, and Lila explained that the butterfly is a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection,” added Leah. “I was so thankful to be a part of this opportunity!”

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