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Mexico recruits to help start church in former dump site town

Manuel and Kollette Gutierrez recently returned from a vision trip to Mexico City full of excitement because they now know where they will start their new lives as CMF missionaries.

Manuel, Kollette, Gutirrez, church planting, Mexico City, CHE
Left: CMF recruits Manuel and Kollette will help start a new church in Las Aguilas, Mexico City, a town built around the trash and recycling industry. Right: Manuel and Kollette recently completed training in Community Health Evangelism, which they will use in their ministry in Mexico City.

The CMF recruits are raising funds to serve as church planters and enjoyed seeing what is happening in the day-to-day lives of their new team in Mexico City. But the best part, says Kollette, was clarifying their specific ministry plan.

“We now know that we will be going to the town of Las Aguilas in Atizapan, a suburb of Mexico City,” said Kollette. “This is an old dump site that was transformed into a town. Almost everyone who lives there works in the trash or recycling industry in some capacity.”

There is currently a CMF community center in Las Aguilas, but no church plant. And some members of the CMF team are already living there and leading Bible studies and implementing Community Health Evangelism (CHE) practices.

“The goal is to see a church planted in the community center, birthed through the current Bible studies,” said Kollette. “We can’t wait to be a part of this exciting ministry!”