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Joel Williams, Turkana, Kenya, DBS, disciple-making

Kenya DBS inspires ‘reckless love, at great personal sacrifice’

Ebie’s life was turned upside down by a severe car accident, but the Kenyan found himself responding in ways he would never have thought possible before becoming a leader on Joel William’s disciple-making team.

Joel Williams, Turkana, Kenya, DBS, disciple-making
A group of Kenyans gather for a Discovery Bible Study in Turkana. About 2,500 new DBS were started in Kenya in 2020.

“Ebie was involved in a severe car accident, and while he was not injured, he experienced great guilt and took on great financial burden for those injured in the accident,” said Joel. Joel, a member of the CMF team in Turkana, Kenya, has seen God do miraculous things in the lives and communities touched by Discovery Bible Studies and the disciple-making team, and Ebie’s story is no exception.

“God provided for all of his financial needs through his friends and family,” added Joel, “and that alone was an answer to prayer. But because of the accident he felt he was given a unique opportunity to witness. He didn’t just pay for the injured people’s medical care; he invited them into his home for six months, cared for all their needs, paid for transport to and from several hospitals and discipled them throughout their recoveries!”

Joel admits that he was blown away by Ebie’s amazing witness of the radical love of Christ.

Joel Williams, Turkana, Kenya, DBS, disciple-making
Disciple-makers pore over the Bible during a training session in Turkana, Kenya.

“He could have just done what was required of him, but instead he chose to love recklessly, at great personal sacrifice,” said Joel. “All of this is the fruit of our Discovery Bible Studies. As our people are discovering scripture and obeying it in their communities, they find themselves responding and loving in ways they never thought were possible!

“God has continued to multiply the work of His kingdom in Kenya,” added Joel, “and has shown us that He will use us right where we are, with whatever we have.”

Note: “Ebie” is a pseudonym, due to the sensitive nature of the team’s work in Muslim communities.

DBS, disciple making, Joel Williams, Kenya, Turkana