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India sponsorship program resumes classes as ‘unlock’ begins

The children, team and staff at CMF’s child sponsorship program in India are all fine by the grace of God, reported sponsorship coordinator Usha recently in an email to all sponsors, and “we are all breathing a sigh of relief.”

“Despite the difficulties the pandemic brought to our area, we are grateful that none of the children left their schooling and we were able to adapt our program to their needs,” she said.

Families and teachers did face some difficult and discouraging moments, however, due to restrictions on travel and the temporary closing of the school and daycare center.

“But thanks to the ongoing support of CMF and our sponsors, we were able to keep up with the different levels of need throughout this crisis,” said Usha. “As food insecurity reached our region in the early months of the pandemic, we provided hygiene kits and food essentials to the children in the sponsorship program and to other needy children in slum areas.

“And in preparation for the multifaceted impact this crisis would have, we organized many programs on health hygiene, child marriage, child rights and domestic violence for the communities we are involved in,” she added.

Now that the period of “unlock” has begun, teachers have resumed their classes in the daycare center following all COVID-19 protocols.

“The children are happily attending their classes and completing their homework and school projects,” said Usha. “We have identified more needy children in a neighboring area and plan to bring them into the CMF program for the new year. Please pray we can make a transformational impact in the lives of these children and their community.”

CMF partners with Asian Partners International (API) for child sponsorship and other outreach programs in India. You can go here to sponsor a child in India and here to learn more about API’s other ministries.

India, sponsorship, API, pandemic, COVID-19, relief
Children who attend the API daycare center in India hold the hygiene kits provided by CMF sponsors as they stand in socially-distant circles outside the center.

: India, API, COVID-19, pandemic, relief, sponsorship

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