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Christopher Hylton, Globalscope, Salamanca, Spain, COVID-19

‘I found a place here and can’t stop talking about it!’

Campus minister Christopher Hylton says that campus ministry in Salamanca, Spain, recently has looked almost like a time of “hibernation.” But behind the scenes, he said, “there has been a lot of movement through conversations and low-key, COVID-friendly activities.”

“I love to talk and feel that I do a good job maneuvering my way in and out of certain conversational topics,” said Chris. “However, there is always someone better than you in anything you do! Esteban is one of our friendliest and most talkative students. It is a joy to have him in our ministry.

“But whenever the topic of faith and Christianity comes up, he either says nothing or says just enough to remain on the surface until he can change the topic,” Chris added. “So, imagine our surprise when he brought us this question:

Christopher Hylton, Globalscope, Salamanca, Spain, COVID-19
Campus minister Christopher Hylton, at right, talks with students in the En Vivo campus house in Salamanca, Spain.

“Can you explain to me a bit more about Christianity and the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism?”

“We were floored when he asked this,” admits Chris. “Then he went on.”

“In the past two years En Vivo has been there for me in moments of despair, sadness and when I have felt alone. You guys have also celebrated with me the good things life has to offer,” said Esteban.

“I found a place here and can’t stop talking about it to people,” he added. “I want people to know more about you but don’t want them to shy away when they find out it’s a Christian organization. They shy away because they don’t know the full picture and I want to be able to share the full picture with them. So, tell me more about this!”

Needless to say, Chris was happy to tell him more! This is what Globalscope is all about … movement toward Jesus through engagement in an open and authentic Christian community.

Christopher Hylton, COVID-19, Globalscope, Salamanca, Spain

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