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Hope Home: ‘Seeing the body of Christ fully empowered in our community’

The children at Hope Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, are learning to use technology with the help of CMF team member Becca Schafer, who serves as a teacher and administrator at the family-style home for disabled children.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Becca, Schafer, disability, children’s home, Hope Home
Thai children enjoy learning games on an iPad at Hope Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“During the month of June, I was blessed with some formal opportunities to learn practical skills and tools I can develop to give our kids better access,” said Becca. “I traveled to Bangkok for training on iPad accessibility, where I not only learned the amazing ways we can use this technology better for our kids, but also connected with parents, professionals and advocates for special education and disability training in Thailand.”

Another blessing came in the form of a group of university engineering students who were helping another organization nearby.

“They took the time to teach me how to use the 3D printer that was donated to us earlier this year and then connect us with local technology ‘makers’ who can help with other technical issues,” said Becca.

“Adaptive technology is expensive and not readily available here in Thailand, but I’m learning that it doesn’t have to be that way,” she added. “With the help of these two learning opportunities, and the generosity of individuals and organizations who have donated the 3D printer, new and used iPads, and other items, we are getting the chance to use what we have to grow.”

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Becca, Schafer, disability, children’s home, Hope Home
An iPad learning game really captures these children’s attention at Hope Home in Thailand.

For example, students Dontrii and Dokmay now have access to 3D printed materials with their lessons, so they can feel what the rest of the children are able to see. Yindee has an improved eye-gaze mount so she can play the games she enjoys much more easily. And Garfield is now playing memory match and other games on the iPad, and getting better and better, which shows the staff how much he is learning.

Becca, Chiang Mai, children’s home, disability, Hope Home, Schafer, Thailand

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