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Despite challenging return to U.S., team member says, ‘I have lacked nothing!’

Adventures are a normal way of life for Ms. J., a Marketplace Minister in a restricted access country in Asia, but her trip back to the U.S. a couple weeks ago was extreme even for her! However, in every step, she could see how God had been guiding her preparation and travel.

“My timeline for departure was sped up by two weeks, but everything was done in time, including government documents, with 12 hours to spare,” she said. “I had to find a new house and pup sitter, and that was sorted out with two days to spare. I was able to get refunds and new airline tickets right away, and though I had four cancelled/changed flights, I still arrived a few hours earlier than planned. The hotel refused my reservation, but I got a different hotel that was cheaper and better! I have lacked nothing.”

Ms. J. admits that she has not been stress-free during all this, but she has experienced “an underlying sense of peace and knowledge that there is nothing too big that He can’t manage and there is nothing too small that He is unconcerned about!”

“I’m not sure what this furlough will look like, but it’s ok. One step at a time, cancelled hotels, plans … there’s nothing that God can’t handle.”

Ms. J. has been relying on a phrase from Psalm 87 for inspiration during this time: “All my fountains are in you.”

“Fountains in ancient days were gravity fed, which means the source of water had to be higher than the fountain,” she said. “The higher the sources, the better the fountain. Our source of Living Water is the highest! So, we have some pretty amazing fountains of joy springing up, no matter what the situation.

“Please pray for those who don’t yet have this source of Living Water to tap into,” she added. “They are scared and searching for anything to hold onto. May they seek and find the only source of hope and truth in Him and find the peace they crave.”

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