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Announcing Kami Reed as Director of Globalscope

We’re very excited to announce that Kami Burns Reed has been named Director of Globalscope beginning this month, September 2023

Kami’s story with CMF began in 2007 when she was an Exchange intern with El Pozo in Puebla. She then went on to serve from 2010-2017 as a Team Leader on staff with El Pozo. In June 2018, Kami became the Assistant Director of Globalscope and served in that role for 5 years, until being named Interim Director of Globalscope 3 months ago. Her extensive experience and clear passion for the mission of Globalscope make her the ideal candidate to now serve as Director of Globalscope.

“I've spent most of my adult life serving with CMF Globalscope, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the most dedicated, creative and passionate ministers I know as I step into this role,” says Kami. “University students all around the world are encountering Jesus through the Christ-centered communities that we know as Globalscope campus ministries, and I'm excited to tell those stories of transformation so that Globalscope's impact continues to grow. I'm particularly committed to making sure that students and alumni from Globalscope ministries around the world have the resources needed to serve as Globalscope interns and campus ministers, because I know firsthand how transformative serving with Globalscope can be in a young person's life.”

Globalscope began when long-time CMF director Naomi Kouns worked together with Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship campus minister Rick Harper to form a partnership that would allow recent Georgia Tech graduates who were interested in serving internationally to launch new campus ministries. The first of these was El Oasis, which was started in Mexico City. Phil Tatum became Director of Globalscope in 2010 and served in this role for 13 years. Kami Burns Reed now steps into this role.

Kip Lines, Director of CMF, said, “I couldn’t be happier to make this announcement. Kami has been a major part of the growth of Globalscope over the last 5 years, not merely numerically, but in increasing faithfulness to the mission of creating Christ-centered communities among university students that leads to transformation. She understands the challenges we regularly face and has a vision for growth that is faithful to the mission of Globalscope. Kami is known as being insightful and hard-working, and she cares deeply about our Globalscope missionaries and students. I’m looking forward to working closely with Kami in the years ahead!”

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