The cost of a study abroad semester is comparable to current education costs in the US, where an average semester at a public university costs $11,413. The approximate cost per semester to study abroad varies between $7,000 and $17,000 according to which university is chosen. See the example budgets listed below, showing the cost comparison between a university in the United States and a semester abroad in Chile. 

The cost of your semester overseas will be determined by your university’s program in that country. If you would like to serve in a country where your university does not have a program, Globalscope staff can help you enroll independently in the university overseas. You may email Globalscope for help with enrollment and cost questions ( The only fee associated with our program is a $200 deposit.

Sample of costs for a semester in a US university

Item Cost (In-State) Cost (Out-of-State)
Tuition $4,129 $13,781
Fees $1,200 $1,200
Books $600 $600
Housing $4,063 $4,063
Meals $1,500 $1,500
Parking  $352   $352
Gas  $400   $400
Cell Phone  $350   $350
 Total $12,594  $22,246

Sample of costs for a semester in a Chilean university

Item Cost
Tuition $3,600
Fees $300
Books $50
Housing $2,000
Meals $1,025
Transportation  $400
Airfare  $1,500
Cell Phone  $125
Pre-departure Costs $645
Total $9,645

It is important to consult with your university’s study abroad office for any information on financial aid or scholarships that may be given to study abroad students.