Update on CMF and COVID-19!
Thank you for your increased patience as we strive to offer the same high level of support and service with the evolving COVID-19 situation. For the health and well-being of our staff and missionaries, CMF is limiting all non-essential domestic and international travel ​at this time. If you are a U.S. partner, we recommend that you not travel to visit CMF missionaries or projects until after May 1. If you have travel-related questions, please consult your medical provider. Visit the Centers for Disease Control website as a good resource for the latest news about Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Transforming lives + communities

West Africa

A CMF team works in this mostly Muslim country in West Africa, immersing themselves in the culture and communities they serve to bring the power of the gospel to their neighbors. The people who populate the country depend heavily on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood.

While the Church has been in this country for many decades, there are still many unreached people groups with virtually no meaningful engagement with the gospel message. CMF’s team works toward a contextualized church-planting movement that can reach entire communities.

The team addresses spiritual needs through Chronological Bible Storytelling in family courtyards. This allows non-literate people to hear God’s Word and share it with others. Through this process, the team hopes that these unreached people will recognize the character of God in Jesus.

The team uses Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to address physical needs through teaching on health, nutrition and agriculture, bringing holistic change to communities by encouraging them to use their own resources to address needs.

Meet the team!