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Transforming lives + communities
Turkana, Kenya, missions of Hope, CMF International, education

Turkana teen’s four-mile walk is small sacrifice for education

Thirteen-year-old Jacinta Adung gladly walks four miles under the scorching Turkana sun to attend school each day. To her, it is a small sacrifice for receiving a quality education and opportunities beyond her remote, Kenyan village. Yet her family initially viewed the cost as far too great.

In accordance with Turkana culture, Jacinta was already promised in marriage to a local man. In exchange, Jacinta’s family would receive a substantial bride-price from the groom’s family, paid in livestock (cows, goats, camels, and donkeys). These assets are highly valuable to them in building and maintaining wealth. The loss of this wealth, coupled with the family’s lack of understanding about the inherent value of education, kept Jacinta from going to school.

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Eric and Emily Abernathy Schlipf, Brisbane, Australia, Globalscope, CMF International, campus ministry

New Globalscope Australia team members leave soon!

The new year will be one of “firsts” for CMF team members Eric and Emily Abernathy Schlipf! The couple, who have been developing support partnerships and applying for visas to serve in a new Globalscope campus ministry in Australia, will move to Brisbane in the next few days.

The remaining time, Emily says, will be full of “see-you-laters, Salvation Army trips, finding the last $100 of monthly support, watching Falcons games, unsubscribing from advertisement emails for US companies, visiting friends in Johnson City (Tennessee) and hitting all our favorite Atlanta restaurants and destinations.”

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Pathway Church CMF International, Kenya, Missions of Hope, Nairobi

Pathway’s ‘Big Give’ is amazing success!

Big things happened during Pathway Church’s annual Big Summer Give last year, as the Wichita, Kans., church challenged the children and teens in its Children’s and Student ministries to raise funds for Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

The kids and students responded by raising nearly $34,000 to help complete the construction of the Mabatini Community Center! Pathway added an additional $16,000 to the total, and a short-term team from the church delivered a check for $50,000 to MOHI in person this past fall.

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Ivory Coast, Reveal, CMF International Emily Helt

Intern loves authentic ‘village’ life in Abengourou

“Abengourou? It’s like a village. Good luck.”

As I stood in the passport control line at the airport, having only been in Ivory Coast for less than 30 minutes, this (well-intentioned) stranger’s comment about the town where I would be living for nine months did nothing to calm my already heightened nerves. During the past couple weeks of preparation I had been constantly wondering, “What am I getting myself into?” Now, plane had landed — I was here —and I was about to experience my new home, whether I felt ready or not.

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