‘These moments remind me why I’m here!’

Conner Reeder talks about a baptism at the El Oasis campus ministry in Chile, through Globalscope.

An exciting event at the recent El Oasis student retreat made it a special one to remember, according to campus minister Connor Reeder, who serves with the Globalscope team in Santiago, Chile.

“Juan Cristóbal is a student who has been participating at the ministry for about three years,” said Connor. “During the retreat, he stood up in front of the whole community of El Oasis and showed his commitment to God by being baptized in a rather cold, inflatable pool!”

It’s very encouraging to the entire team when a student makes the decision to follow Jesus and be baptized.

“We do so many different activities and events during the week that sometimes I forget why I’m doing this,” Connor admits. “But it’s special moments like these that remind me why I’m here!”