Teens with special needs enjoy ‘Night to Shine’ in Ukraine

special needs, Night to Shine, Tim Tebow Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine, June Johnson

Twelve of the teens with special needs in CMF’s ministry in Kiev, Ukraine, attended a “Night to Shine” ball recently, complete with formal gowns, crowns, limo rides, crystal chandeliers, white table cloths, and live music.

About 200 people attended the Kiev event, which was part of the outreach of the Tim Tebow Foundation and held simultaneously in 24 countries and every state in the U.S., according to CMF team member June Johnson.

“Tim’s outreach is wide, and it touched our lives this year,” said June. “There were 655 host churches representing 35 denominations, 100,000 kings and queens and 200,000-plus volunteers on this one night to shine.”

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