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Team delivers ‘El Oasis kits’ to students all around Santiago

What do you do when you put together 50 “Welcome back to El Oasis” kits for the students in your ministry, but hardly anyone signs up to get one?

The El Oasis team in Santiago, Chile, recently prepared 50 kits of helpful supplies and personally delivered them to students all around the city.

“We decided to kick off the semester with a plan to personally deliver El Oasis kits to students all over Santiago, Chile,said Globalscope campus minister Allison Rocke. “We included helpful supplies like highlighters, Post-it notes, El Oasis merch, brownies, the essentials. However, two days before delivery, only a few people had requested one and we started to wonder what we’d do with the rest of the boxes!”

So, the team decided to test out a paid social media ad.

“Less than 12 hours later, we were scrambling to figure out how to close the subscription form before we got more than 50 requests,” said Allison.

The next few days were pretty hectic as the team delivered boxes to every part of the city.

“We knew that the impending quarantine would make this impossible in just a few days,” said Allison. “We delivered kits to 49 students, 27 of whom had never been to an El Oasis event before!”

Quite a few students even filled out the “I’m New!” form on the El Oasis website, thanks to the social media ad, and two of them joined small groups.

“We’re looking forward to seeing some of these new students integrate into our community and learning their stories,” said Allison.

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