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Serving Ukrainians in Germany

Written on March 11, 2022, by June Johnson, CMF missionary to Ukraine

Photo Above: A grandpa saying goodbye to his granddaughter. I have known little Arisha since she was born. She is the granddaughter to some of my best friends - Gresha and Era. Arisha and her mother were a part of the group that Joni & Friends and AGAPE evacuated.

Tuesday, 1:10 p.m. - United States

I saw a text come in from my friend in Ukraine, Era. “I really need to talk with you.”

Besides being a close friend, she is also the person I’ve most poured my skills into. Era does wound and ostomy care as well as I do. Era & her husband are still in Lutsk working at AGAPE as they help refugees. The AGAPE center (a Christian rehab center for neck & spinal injuries) has become a place where the masses who are fleeing Ukraine can stop, sleep, eat,  and then be helped onward towards the Polish border.

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