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La Ruta in Uruguay: ‘Witness to shimmering, iridescent transformation!’

“Guys, I prayed for something and it actually happened!” said Globalscope campus minister Abigail Bullinger in a recent update to her partners.

Abigail goes on to list all the great things she sees that are happening at the La Ruta ministry to university students in Montevideo, Uruguay:

  • So many students are asking me questions about God.
  • Our team is so healthy and functional.
  • We have eight students who want to work in one of our ministries.
  • Our campus house is full of students every day of the week!
  • Our Merienda event conversations about faith have been so good that we had to start another event to continue talking.
  • So many students actually believe that God has relevance in their lives and are making changes because of it!

“I feel a little guilty and ashamed because I wonder if my surprise and awe betrays a lack of faith on my part,” said Abigail. “But then I remember how impossible this all is.

“We are all committed to an aspirational, almost impossible mission,” she added. “We’re trying to bring light and love and truth and God to a selfish, scared, blind world. It makes sense that we would feel doubtful and just a little shocked that it seems to be actually working!

“Thank you for praying with me,” she said. “I’m beyond lucky to witness the shimmering, iridescent transformation taking place here. I wish you all could see it firsthand!”

Abigail Bullinger, campus ministry, Globalscope, La Ruta, Montevideo, Uruguay

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