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Keywords: Joel Williams, youth ministry, Turkana, Kenya, DBS

Hundreds of young Kenyans attend Turkana youth conferences

The youth ministry led by CMF team member Joel Williams in Turkana, Kenya, is celebrating the success of the first of three national youth conferences scheduled for 2021. This first conference had more than 500 young Kenyans in attendance.

“This is great progress since starting these programs in 2017, when we had one youth conference with about 500 young people attending,” said Joel. “A second national youth conference will be held in October, along with several youth leader trainings.”

In addition, the student intern program is growing, too.

Keywords: Joel Williams, youth ministry, Turkana, Kenya, DBS
Joel and Rachel Williams and their family work with young Kenyans as part of a student internship program. Here they pose with four of the current interns in Turkana.

“We added two more young Kenyans to the student intern program for a total of seven interns,” said Joel. “We have enjoyed having them work around the farm, facilitate DBS groups and shadow our disciple-makers.

“Please join us in praising God for the amazing growth and for covering these upcoming events in prayer,” he added.

DBS, Joel Williams, Kenya, Turkana, youth ministry