Grace School supports outreach for Christ to millions in Asia

Prus, Jeff, Pilar, Chiang Mai, Thailand, special needs children, Grace School

The ministry of long-time CMF team members Jeff and Pilar Prus in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is one of spiritual multiplication.

“We serve at Grace School, which supports ministry efforts in Thailand and Asia by providing affordable education for missionary families,” said Jeff. “Currently, Grace enables nearly 350 missionary families to take the gospel into more than 20 countries and reach millions for Christ.”

Prus, Jeff, Pilar, Chiang Mai, Thailand, special needs children, Grace School

Jeff Prus, left, serves as the IT Director at Grace School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Tum, center, and Neung, at right, are the other two members of his team.

For example, the wide reach of Grace was responsible for the recent baptism of Tam, a Thai university student who became a Christian through the influence of missionaries whose children attend Grace School.

“Tam’s sense of self-worth was low due to being abandoned by her mother and mistreated by the aunt who raised her,” said Jeff. “After months of meeting with this missionary and learning that she is loved and cherished by the Lord, Tam accepted Jesus as her Savior.”

Additionally, some of the Grace students come from the local community and are mainly Buddhist Thai.

Prus, Jeff, Pilar, Chiang Mai, Thailand, special needs children, Grace School

Pilar Prus, at right, directs the special needs program at Grace School, and often checks on the children in their classrooms.

“Most of those students enter Grace as Buddhists but graduate as Christ-followers,” said Jeff. “For example, a local Buddhist family came to Grace for help for their son Alex, who needed an individualized education program because of his disabilities. Pilar, who directs the Grace special needs department, was able to help him.

“Later that year, his older brother Vithaya, who suffers from dyslexia, transferred to Grace,” added Jeff. “For months, Vithaya’s classmates prayed for him and his family, and he was so touched by the love of Christ from all the students and missionary staff at Grace that he gave his life to Christ. Now both boys are praying to God and sharing the gospel at home with their parents.”

Without the services of Grace, these stories would never have happened, and a great deal of ministry would be missing.

“Without Grace,” said Jeff, “many missionaries wouldn’t be able to continue their ministries of church planting, discipleship, Bible translation, anti-human trafficking, prison work and community development.”

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