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Globalscope, Roots, Edinburgh, Scotland, Hanna Albrecht, coronavirus

Globalscope Roots: ‘Pancakes are the magic ingredient!’

“No one could have predicted back in September all the challenges that were waiting for us this year, but we never could have predicted all the wonderful things that were going to happen either,” says Globalscope campus minister Hanna Albrecht, who serves with the Roots team in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Experiencing a global pandemic and not being able to see the students in their ministry while running Roots digitally for the past three months has been hard for the team but has also been a reminder that Roots is helpful for the students, no matter the circumstances.

“Roots can still provide fun activities to make life a little lighter and still provide opportunities to think about big life questions and what faith has to do with it all,” said Hanna.

One of the many unexpected good things that happened this year, before the Coronavirus restrictions, was a big increase in attendance at the team’s monthly Big Breakfasts.

“For years, we’ve been trying to figure out how to reach out to new students and bring them into Roots, and this year we found the magic ingredient — pancakes!” she said. “At our monthly Big Breakfasts last fall, more and more people kept showing up, filling the house to the absolute brim and testing our capabilities of how many pancakes we could make in two hours.

Globalscope, Roots, Edinburgh, Scotland, Hanna Albrecht, coronavirus
Campus minister Meredith McKinney enjoys her pancakes with a student at a Big Breakfast in the Roots campus house.

“In the six times that we got to host a Big Breakfast this school year, I flipped more than 1,000 pancakes and more than 200 students interacted with Roots because of that,” she added.

“I believe God has been at work this year,” Hanna said. “I see it in the growing number of students who benefit from Roots and in the willingness of our students to step up and help organize Digital Roots throughout this community. In all four corners of the world, students are sitting at home taking the time to organize games, produce music videos and have deep conversations because Roots means so much to them!

“Unpredictable hard things happen,” she added. “Unpredictable good things happen. But most importantly, through it all, whenever I took the time to listen and to really recognize what was happening around me, I've always seen God show up.”

You can help provide pancakes and Christian community at the Roots campus ministry in Edinburgh, Scotland; click  here.

Coronavirus, Edinburgh, Globalscope, Hanna Albrecht, Roots, Scotland

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