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Globalscope, Erlangen, Germany, campus house, Matt Kinnemore, Denee Kinnemore

German ministry moves ahead with dream of campus house

After meeting students in cafes, bars and parks since October 2019, the Unterwegs campus ministry team in Erlangen, Germany, is ready to put down roots in a campus house.

“We want a safe and inviting environment where we can host meals for students,” said team member Matt Kinnemore. “We dream of a place to host board game nights and just enjoy being together. And we need a space where we can have private conversations about faith and Jesus; real conversations in a comfortable setting.”

The team also feels that office space is a big priority for their ministry.

“Finding a space to work together in private is difficult,” said Denee Kinnemore. “And we need a space always available to come back to after going to events that will expand our possibilities for student engagement.”

The team is raising funds for the upfront costs for a campus house, which include the rental deposit, renovation fees and furnishings. Learn more about this important project in the video below and see how you can be a part of sharing authentic Christian faith with university students in Germany.

campus house, Denee Kinnemore, Erlangen, Germany, Globalscope, Matt Kinnemore

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