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MOHI, Angaza Discovery Camp, Keith Ham, Kenya, creation care

Discovery Camp for MOHI kids will mix discipleship + creation care

Missions of Hope International (MOHI) has begun work to develop the Angaza Discovery Camp in Kilifi, Kenya, according to CMF team members Keith and Kathy Ham, long-time missionaries in Kenya. The “eco-friendly, hands-on experiential Christian camp” is scheduled to launch in early 2021.

“The name Angaza means ‘to ignite or illuminate,’ and the camp will help provide a bright future to the 20,000+ children who are ministered to and empowered by a MOHI dedicated staff, and who will now have the added benefit of going to camp,” said Keith.

Eleven acres for the campsite were purchased in February, and the ground was consecrated and blessed in March. The property is currently being fenced and the land developed for the proposed grand opening in early 2021. Situated on the Kenyan coast, near protected forests and marine life, the MOHI kids who attend Angaza will have hands-on experiences in innovative earth-keeping.

MOHI, Angaza Discovery Camp, Keith Ham, Kenya, creation care“Most of the kids’ experience in Kenya is seeing the country’s beauty only in textbooks or hearing about it from family members who live in the countryside,” said Keith. “Here in Mathare, they see bags and bags of charcoal stretched out (for sale) for kilometers. The methods for producing the charcoal are inefficient, resulting in pervasive deforestation and soil erosion. Impoverished folks are faced with the dilemma of feeding their families but destroying the land.”

The hope of the Angaza Camp is to provide answers to these problems and other issues facing the MOHI families, but the journey has just begun.

“After the fence is erected, safari tents will be assembled and dedicated areas for stargazing, prayer and fun will be developed,” said Keith. “Camp staff will be hired and trained on all topics related to camping and child safety.”

CMF is committed to the integration of creation care into its obedience to the Great Commission, and this project is one that models that goal.

“The Angaza Camp is a perfect example of the integration of care of creation with discipleship in a way that leads to personal Jesus-centered transformation and also long-term community transformation,” said CMF Executive Director Dr. Kip Lines.

“Earth-keeping in the form of tree planting, conservation and ethical farming has always played a part in MOHI activities and Community Health Evangelism lessons,” added Keith Ham. “We plan on tapping into this cultural value to help MOHI children understand the current ecological crisis and empower them to address the problems with long-term solutions.

“Pray with us as we enter this time of developing the land, camp structures and training,” said Keith. “And pray with us to keep the dream alive, empowering future generations in earth-keeping through discipleship.”

You can help support the start-up costs for the Angaza Discovery Camp here.

Angaza Discovery Camp, creation care, Keith Ham, Kenya, MOHI

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