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CHP, Community Health Partners, Maasai, Narok County, Turkana, Kenya, medical ministry, COVID-19

CHP clinics serve Maasai during COVID-19 pandemic

A medical ministry initiated by CMF in 1980 in Narok County, Kenya, has continued to thrive under Kenyan leadership, and is now taking on a key role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Health Partners (CHP) is now led by Kenyans John Sankok and his team and has such a positive reputation in Narok County that the Ministry of Health often turns to CHP to address big health challenges in the area. Now CHP has stepped up to the plate to be a key responder in Narok County during the pandemic.

CHP, Community Health Partners, Maasai, Narok County, Turkana, Kenya, medical ministry, COVID-19The Maasai communities that CHP serves in its seven facilities throughout Narok County are pastoralist and known for their migration to different places in search of greener pastures. In regard to the global outbreak of coronavirus, this is likely to have an adverse effect in terms of infection and spread of the disease.

CHP is involved in educating these communities on the virus and simple preventative measures, such as hand washing, social distancing, staying at home and coughing and sneezing etiquette. In addition, they want to prepare their supplies and facilities so that they will have masks, gloves, gowns, medications and equipment such as ventilators and a suction machine on hand.

CMF’s generous partners have made the ministry of CHP sustainable for 40 years. Would you consider joining the COVID-19 efforts by contributing to the CHP Maasai Medical Fund today? We appreciate your partnership in this transformational ministry!

CHP, Community Health Partners, COVID-19, Kenya, Maasai, medical ministry, Narok County, Turkana

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