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Author: mikaela

Starting University in the U.S.: Resources from a Third Culture Kid Coordinator

This blog is written by Kait Jones, CMF’s Third Culture Kid Coordinator  

I love my job as the TCK Care Coordinator here at CMF. Even more, I love who I get to serve in that job. One group of people that I have recently been asked to focus on and serve very intentionally is high school seniors transitioning to their freshman year of college. I was asked to do a mini seminar for one high school senior as he has not spent much time in the States, and his parents will be staying on the field and so will be unavailable to be there physically to help him with this transition. I was nervous! I care a lot and want each one of our TCKs to thrive.  

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Marketplace Mexico’s training impacts local tortilleria

The Marketplace Mexico team has been hard at work reaching local entrepreneurs in Mexico City, largely through the nine-week training program, Aspire, that they lead. This program is geared toward helping new entrepreneurs create a business model and apply Kingdom Business principles.

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