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Berdyansk, Ukraine, Jonathan Powell, tv ministry

As COVID-19 spreads, Ukraine team turns to TV!

As COVID-19 restrictions have tightened in Ukraine, the CMF team in Berdyansk and the local church leadership looked for creative ways to continue to minister and reach out to the community, even though they can’t gather together.

Berdyansk, Ukraine, Jonathan Powell, tv ministry
A children’s Bible lesson is one segment of the television series produced by the churches of Berdyansk, Ukraine.

And they found an idea that they’re pretty excited about, reports CMF team leader Jonathan Powell.

“For $60 a week, we are televising a 30-minute program on two local television channels that broadcast in Berdyansk and the neighboring city of Primorsk and all the surrounding villages,” he said. “That’s about 200,000 people!”

The program will be shown not just once, but four to five times each week, and will consist of music, a Bible message, and a children’s section.

“Please pray for this new ministry venture,” asks Jonathan. “Pray that it would not only bless the church folks who cannot currently gather together but that it would connect us to new folks throughout the city and region.”

Would you like to help support this inexpensive television program that will have a wide influence in the area of Ukraine where the CMF team serves? Go here to give.

Berdyansk, Jonathan Powell, tv ministry, Ukraine