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AgriStewards returns to MOHI and celebrates farming success

AgriStewards, the missions-focused division of Lamb Farms of Lebanon, Ind., returned to the scene of its first agricultural training site when Brian Smith and a team of farming professionals re-visited Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Kenya recently.

MOHI, AgriStewards, farming, Farming God’s Way
MOHI farm manager Cosmas rejoices in a big harvest of corn for the children at the Missions of Hope schools.

“When AgriStewards started eight years ago, MOHI was the first ministry to contact us for agricultural training for their mission work in Kenya,” said Brian Smith. “Since then, we have continued to work together on the field, training staff and communities in Farming God’s Way principles that enable them to produce their own food in a sustainable way.”

Brian and the team were happy to see all the work that Cosmas, the farm manager for MOHI’s farms, has been putting into the farm.

“In an effort to have an ongoing influence with MOHI, we also recently arranged for Pius to become a consultant for the organization,” added Brian. “He does continuous check-ups on the farm progress throughout the year. This has drastically increased productivity overall and encouraged more people to keep up with their farm practices.

“MOHI was eager to work continuously throughout the growing season, and this made a great impact on productivity, as well,” said Brian.

This year, MOHI was able to provide kale and spinach from the farms that use Farming God’s Way practices to 18,000 children.

“Typically, MOHI is able to provide food for only three or four centers from their farms,” said Brian. “This season, they were able to feed the children in all 15 centers!”

This success story is a real encouragement to the teams from AgriStewards.

“This was one of those times that we were reminded of God’s great faithfulness when we trust in His hand over us,” said Brian. “He will provide a bountiful crop when we put in the work for His glory!”

AgriStewards, farming, Farming God’s Way, MOHI

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