Move vital ministry forward by giving where needed most.

MOHI Community Partnerships

How does it work?

We invite you to send a vision team to see the work of MOHI firsthand. During your trip, you’ll see this ministry in action and learn how your church can partner in in one slum community.

Your community partnership includes the following opportunities:

  • Child sponsorship.
  • Send short-term teams to help with ministries such as leadership development, construction, medical, business consultation, agricultural work, and teaching.
  • Give to special projects or provide monthly support for your partner community.
  • Monthly community partnership funds are invested in the following areas:
  • Training, 25 percent — Community Health Evangelism (CHE), HIV/AIDS, nutrition, micro-finance
  • Staff, 25 percent — CHE trainers, Big Dent loan officers, HIV/AIDS caregivers
  • Church planting, 15 percent— pastoral training, small stipends for pastors, outreach, equipment
  • Equipment and facility operations, 15 percent
  • Development projects, income-generating activities, small farms, 10 percent
  • Initial rent and property acquisition (i.e. legal fees), 10 percent

Special project funds are needed in these areas:

  • Community development projects ($10,000-$20,000)
  • Purchase land for a MOHI community center ($20,000-$50,000).
  • Contribute toward the construction of a community center ($200,000-$800,000).
  • Help a woman or man start a business to provide for his or her family. Learn more about our microfinance program at

Frequently asked questions about Community Partnerships:

Q: Can our church be involved at MOHI without becoming a community partner?

A: Yes! Your church can choose to sponsor children, send short-term teams, or help fund special projects.

Q: How can we find out more about community partnerships at MOHI?

A: Contact CMF to learn more about community partnerships at 317.578.2700.

Q: How can I find out more about what’s going on in our partner community?

A: Please contact Reuben Langat, U.S. Director of MOHI Partnerships, at 317.578.2700 or

Nairobi Map and Partnerships

Nairobi Map

Partnership Churches

MOHI is blessed by the ongoing support of these U.S. and international churches and organizations.

  • Amity Christian Church, Amity, Oregon — Gitathuru
  • Africa Fire Mission, Cincinnati, Ohio — MOHI ministries
  • Baker City Christian Church, Baker City, Ore. — Madoya
  • Broadway Christian Church, Mesa, Ariz. — Nyayo
  • Calvary Community Church of Brea, Calif. — Baba Ndogo
  • Canyon Springs Christian Church, Middleton, Idaho — Baba Ndogo
  • Castine Church of the Brethren, Arcanum, Ohio — Area 2
  • Central Christian Church, Wichita, Kans. — Mabatini/High School
  • Chino Valley Community Church, Chino Hills, Calif. — Mathare North
  • Christ’s Church at Whitewater, Ga. — MOHI ministries
  • Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, Ariz. — Korogocho B
  • Christ’s Church of the Valley, Royersford, Pa. — MOHI ministries/Pangani
  • Community Christian Church, Hemet, Calif. — Area 2
  • Community Christian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — Mathare North
  • Connection Pointe Christian Church, Brownsburg, Ind. — Madoya
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church, Winchester, Illinois — MOHI ministries/Turkana
  • Countryside Christian Church, Topeka, Kans. — Mabatini
  • Crossroads Christian Church, Corona, Calif. — Kiamaiko
  • CrossWay Christian Church, Nashua, N.H. — Area 2
  • Cy-Fair Christian Church, Houston, Tex. — Baba Ndogo
  • Dallas Church, Dallas, Ore. — Kosovo
  • Dayton Christian Church, Dayton, Ore. — Gitathuru/Kosovo
  • East 91st Street Christian Church, Indianapolis, Ind. — Grogan/Nyayo
  • Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, Calif. — Pangani
  • Familia da Fe Church, Campinas, Brazil — MOHI ministries
  • First Christian Church, Phoenix, Ariz. — Kosovo
  • First Church Christ, Burlington, Ky. — Kosovo
  • Flipside Church, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. — Gitathuru
  • Foothill Bible Church, Upland, Calif. — Gitathuru
  • Garden Way Christian Church, Eugene, Ore. — MOHI ministries
  • Generations Christian Church, Trinity, Fla. — Mathare North
  • Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Ariz. — MOHI ministries
  • Grace Bible Church, Nampa, Idaho — MOHI ministries
  • Harrisburg Christian Church, Harrisburg, Ore. — Mabatini
  • Hazelwood Christian Church, Clayton, Ind. — MOHI ministries/Tanzania
  • Hope Christian Church, Avon, Ohio — Mathare North/Kangageti
  • Hope Evangelical Free Church, Roscoe, Illinois — OCC/MCO
  • Indian Creek Christian Church, Indianapolis, Ind. — Grogan/Korogocho
  • Kaimuki Christian Church, Honolulu, Hawaii — MOHI ministries
  • Lakeside Christian Church, Lakeside Park, Ky. — Ndovoini
  • LifeSpring Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio — Kosovo
  • Life Springs Christian Church, Las Vegas, Nev. — Mabatini
  • LifeSpring Community Church, Harrison, Ohio — Kosovo/Joska
  • Lincoln Heights Christian Church, Phoenix, Ariz. — Kosovo
  • Monmouth Christian Church, Monmouth, Ore. — Gitathuru
  • Mountain Christian Christian, Joppa, Md. — MOHI ministries
  • Mountainview Christian Church, Greshem, Ore. — Gitathuru
  • Newberg Christian Church, Newberg, Ore. — Area 2
  • North Oaks Church of Christ, Canyon Country, Calif. — Kiamaiko
  • Northpoint Vinyard Church, Granger, Ind. — MOHI ministries
  • NorthPointe Christian Church, Lincoln, Rhode Island — Korogocho/Nyayo
  • OceanPointe Christian Church, Middleton, Rhode Island — Nyayo
  • Outlook Christian Church, McCordsville, Ind. — Grogan/Korogocho
  • Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach, Calif. — MOHI ministries
  • Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, Illinois — MOHI ministries/Turkana
  • Pathway Church, Wichita, Kansas — Mabatini
  • Plum Creek Christian Church, Butler, Ky. — Grogan
  • Rainier View Christian Church, Tacoma, Wash. — Pangani
  • Real Life Christian Church, Chesapeake, Va. — Kiamaiko/Baba Ndogo
  • Redmond Christian Church, Redmond, Ore. — Molo
  • RiverGlen Christian Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin — Baba Ndogo
  • Rockingham Christian Church, Salem, N. H. — Nyayo/Korogocho
  • Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Niwot, Colo. — Nyayo/Madoya
  • Second Place Church, Danville, Illinois — MOHI ministries/Area 2
  • Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, Bloomington, Ind. — Mabatini
  • Snyder Memorial Baptist Church, Fayetteville, N.C. — Bondeni
  • Southeast Christian Church, Parker, Colo. — MOHI ministries
  • Southpointe Christian Church, Warwick, Rhode Island — Korogocho/Nyayo
  • South Side Christian Church, Springfield, Illinois — Nyayo
  • Summit Christian Church, Sparks, Nev. — Kiamaiko
  • Swiss Cove Christian Church, Fruit Cove, Fla. — Kosovo
  • The Vineyard Christian Church, Florence, Ky. — Area 2
  • Third City Christian Church, Grand Island, Neb. — Kariobangi
  • Tigard Christian Church, Tigard, Ore. — MOHI ministries
  • Traders Point Christian Church, Indianapolis, Ind. — Bondeni/Pangani
  • West Ridge Community Church, Wichita, Kans. — Mabatini
  • West Side Christian Church, Springfield, Illinois — Bondeni/Joska/Morokani
  • Westside Church of Christ, Bakersfield, Calif. — Mabatini
  • ‘West Valley Christian Church, West Hills, Calif. — Gitathuru
  • White River Christian Church, Noblesville, Ind. — Area 2
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