CMF International

How Can I Serve?

kenteachingWhether it is campus ministry, work among the urban poor, training church leaders, drilling wells, business as mission or something brand new, we offer several ways to serve in our global ministries.

For those committed to serve at least one term of 1 to 4 years (or more) on the field. The job description and role on the field are more specific. A missionary concentrates on language and culture learning and works as part of a CMF field team. This role includes greater responsibilities and benefits.

Reveal Missionary
For college students (juniors and above), graduates, or others who want to explore mission service for a limited time. A Reveal Missionary spends four to nine months gaining real life experience on the mission field while being guided, mentored, and counseled by missionaries and Christian nationals.

REACH Summer Intern
For college students (freshman and above) and others who want to participate in a hands-on, summer missions experience. Teams of interns work with CMF field teams for 2 months following orientation in Indianapolis. The internship concludes with a debrief also in Indianapolis.

Exchange Student
For university students who want to study abroad and participate in our international campus ministries. Exchange students usually attend one semester, but may be in the Study Abroad program for a full academic year. Through the building of relationships on campus and in the dorms, exchange students broaden the community of the campus ministry.

We also welcome experienced volunteers with skills or expertise who can assist a CMF field team for a predetermined period of time. Contact us for more information ( or 317.578.2700).