Missions of Hope

The slums of Nairobi, Kenya, rank in the top five of the biggest slums in the world. Nearly a million people live in the Mathare slum alone, an area of less than one square mile.


A population of this density, living without basic human services, is a breeding ground for all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual problems. These overwhelming issues led, in 2004, to the formation of partnership between Missions of Hope (MOHI), CMF, and numerous US churches and other organizations to restore hope to individuals in disadvantaged communities through spiritual, social, physical and economic empowerment. This transformational work multiplies the gospel influence in Kenya.

Since the partnership began, MOHI has exploded with growth in both facilities and programs. There are now 20 schools and 14 Outreach Hope churches, plus two major medical clinics and dental clinics.


A large part of the growth has been due to the Child Sponsorship  program, which was initiated by MOHI and then absorbed and developed into an online site by CMF in 2007. The program provides education and basic care for more than 12,000 children.

In addition, more than 50 U.S. churches have committed to a long-term relationship and Community Partnership with a specific area  in the Nairobi slums.


The micro-lending business development program was developed by MOHI to provide small loans for families to start micro-business in the slums, plus give Christian business training in accountability peer groups. In the U.S., the program is funded with the BigDent website, which gives donors the opportunity to invest in specific entrepreneurs in Nairobi.

The lack of safe water supplies and sanitation facilities is an ongoing crisis in the slums. Missions of Hope continues to address this huge need with the construction of neighborhood toilet and shower facilities and new wells. Skills training in trades such as sewing, welding and cosmetology, and in-home family counseling by Christian social workers, are two other programs used to meet problems that are a common by-product of slum living.

Community Partnerships

Your church can partner with a specific slum community through Missions of Hope! The ministry starts schools, churches and training centers in Nairobi and beyond. When your church partners with a specific community, you’ll help to transform lives and communities through Christ’s love. More than 50 US churches partner in more than a dozen slum communities served by MOHI.