The third-largest Latin American country, Mexico is home to more than 110 million people. Although about 88 percent consider themselves Catholic, most are only culturally Catholic, with about 10 percent attending church regularly. Just over 8 percent are evangelical Christians. There is increasing freedom for ministry in the country as government officials are more open to evangelical work as a counter to the seemingly insolvable problems that plague many areas of the country.

Church planting team

Our vision is to transform communities in Mexico through leading people into a right relationship with Christ and planting churches that reproduce and impact their communities.

We work toward that end through outreach and leadership development. Our goal is to empower the national church to grow and multiply.

Some ways the Mexico Field Team is accomplishing this are through the ongoing ministries of these churches:

Mexico City


Northside Christian Church, Eagles Christian Church and King of Kings Christian Church all offer a variety of clubs and ministries for children, youth and women, as well as adult Bible studies, mission trips, and community outreach programs. The Eagles church also hosts a community center for transformational ministry in its working poor neighborhood.



In 2012 the Church Catalyst team partnered with the Globalscope team in Puebla to plant a church with young people from the campus ministry. Mosaico Church now does community outreach and offers children’s ministry, adult Bible studies and supports missionaries to Spain and China.



New Life Church offers women’s ministry, small groups, drama and street evangelism ministries, mission trips and a soccer outreach.

Mexico City urban poor team

Fuego Nuevo Partnership


About 65 percent of Mexicans are categorized as poor; in Mexico City, that’s more than 16 million people. The biggest need is not just economic — although 60 percent of Mexicans receive only 12 percent of the nation’s income — but also social poverty. There is a huge need for holistic transformation because of the stigma that comes from living in a poor neighborhood and the accompanying family dysfunction and drug and alcohol addictions. CMF has a partnership with a Mexican church and community center on the southeast side of Mexico City to bring hope and transformation to the community.

Globalscope Puebla


El Pozo, the Globalscope campus ministry in Mexico, is located adjacent to the campus of la Universidad de las Americas Puebla. Students from all over the world attend this university, and many come to experience the love of Jesus in community at El Pozo.

Here are a few ways the team ministers to college students in Puebla:

  • En Vivo! is held every Tuesday evening and features skits, music, a Bible talk, free food and good friends.
  • Missions and community service — Whether it’s hanging out with the kids at a local orphanage, helping to bring clean water to a nearby town, building houses for needy families, or spending the summer in Africa, El Pozo students and staff are deeply involved in global and local missions on a regular basis.
  • Retreats — Once each semester, the whole community gets away for a weekend of being together and going deeper.
  • Small groups, mentorships, and leadership groups — The El Pozo staff and student leaders believe in making disciples by being disciples. We dive deeper into God’s Word and what it means to follow Jesus every chance we get.