The future of CMF

Announcing our new Executive Director

We are so grateful for the leadership Doug Priest has brought to CMF as our Executive Director for more than two decades. During his leadership, countless souls have been impacted for Christ. Doug’s leadership has also helped CMF become a very highly-regarded missions organization with missiological credibility, integrity, and effectiveness.

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LifeSpring women sew and send 1,000+ hygiene kits to MOHI girls

Robin Cox’s mission to supply the girls at the Missions of Hope (MOHI) schools in Nairobi, Kenya, with life-changing hygiene kits continues to put up big numbers and engage more women across the US.

The Cincinnati labor and delivery nurse visited MOHI with her church, LifeSpring Christian, in November 2014, and returned determined to look for a way to make a difference. Her answer was the world-wide organization “Days for Girls,” a non-profit committed to restoring days of dignity, school and work by providing washable, long-lasting menstrual hygiene solutions.

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Turkana, Kenya, missions of Hope, CMF International, education

Turkana teen’s four-mile walk is small sacrifice for education

Thirteen-year-old Jacinta Adung gladly walks four miles under the scorching Turkana sun to attend school each day. To her, it is a small sacrifice for receiving a quality education and opportunities beyond her remote, Kenyan village. Yet her family initially viewed the cost as far too great.

In accordance with Turkana culture, Jacinta was already promised in marriage to a local man. In exchange, Jacinta’s family would receive a substantial bride-price from the groom’s family, paid in livestock (cows, goats, camels, and donkeys). These assets are highly valuable to them in building and maintaining wealth. The loss of this wealth, coupled with the family’s lack of understanding about the inherent value of education, kept Jacinta from going to school.

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