Ministry Positions: Globalscope Campus Ministers, Salamanca, Spain

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If you have a passion for sharing Jesus through campus ministry, CMF would love to talk to you about the options available through our Globalscope program!

Our team in Salamanca, Spain, is currently looking for young, committed individuals who are dedicated to reaching out to Spanish students in a post-Christian context. Campus ministers must be self-starters who have the initiative to learn Spanish, create campus events and programs, and add their own dynamic personalities to the ministry.

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Human trafficking campaign has big impact on En Vivo students

A superhero-themed banquet helped celebrate the end of another great year of ministry at Globalscope’s En Vivo campus house in Salamanca, Spain, reports campus minister Dan Dillard.

“We often are asked by the students how this ministry is possible, and I always tell them that we have a lot of amazing friends who generously donate to keep us running and make a place like this possible for you,” said Dan.

Human trafficking, En Vivo, Globalscope, Salamanca spain, CMF International campus ministryMany of the activities this semester centered on the ministry’s REACCIONA campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking.

“The Salamanca Love Race in February kicked off the campaign,” said Dan. “We raised money and awareness through the race and got people interested in the other activities.”

They followed the race up with two very successful, related activities in March: a movie night in the local public library featuring a film about a young woman forced into prostitution, and a conference at the university with a panel of guest speakers who deal with human trafficking in Spain from different perspectives.

“These two events, along with other movie forum nights at the En Vivo house, came about thanks to the hard work and dedication of our students to this cause that has captured their attention,” said Dan. “Thanks to their efforts, many people were able to heart about this terrible international problem. By the end of this campaign we were able to donate about $650 to Proyecto Perla, an organization that helps victims in the south of Spain and Morocco.”

Another major event for the team this semester was the annual spring retreat in mid-April in the mountains near Madrid.

“Every year we go there to play a game of guys vs. girls ‘flamenco soccer’ (guys on one leg) and talk about what the Bible has to say to us regarding relationships,” said Dan. “Guest speaker Dan Hollingsworth from Madrid provided a dynamic retreat where the students could talk about their own experiences and consider what God has to say about it.

“It was the first retreat for many of those in attendance, but we are hoping for many more!” added Dan.




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Salamanca Love Race draws 180 runners to fight human trafficking

love raceIt was a windy, rainy day in Salamanca, Spain, but 180 runners still showed up for the Second Annual Salamanca Love Race sponsored by the Globalscope En Vivo campus ministry on Feb. 13.

“We had more than double the attendance of last year,” said campus minister Dan Dillard. “They ran a 5K race from the Roman Bridge, through the historic center of Salamanca, past the Cathedral and back again.”

The race marked the kick-off of a semester-long campaign of awareness called “REACT,” that will include screening and discussing movies and documentaries that address the problem of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

“We’re also holding a conference on March 9 with guest speakers and presentations on the subject of trafficking,” added Dan. “We’re excited to see our students become so passionate about this important cause and working to make a difference in the world.”

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Globalscope Salamanca students work for trafficking victims

human trafficking campaignStudents in the En Vivo campus ministry are making some noise in Salamanca, Spain, to raise the community’s awareness of the scourge of human trafficking.

“Many of our students are moved by problems they notice in the world today,” said leadership team member Virginia Guimaraes. “The issue of human trafficking in particular has grabbed their attention this year, so our student leadership group, ‘The Nucleus,’ has launched an awareness campaign called ‘REACT.’ ”

The team is organizing a variety of activities, including film nights to showcase documentaries on trafficking and workshops at the universities. The biggest event, a 5K run called The Second Annual Salamanca Love Race, will be held on Feb. 13 to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and will raise funds for anti-trafficking groups that work with victims.

“It truly takes the whole town to make something like this work,” said Virginia. “We’ve already been interacting with the University of Salamanca, the National Police, City Hall and anti-trafficking organization in Spain.

“And in addition to raising awareness,” she added, “we’re also getting En Vivo’s name out there as a group that is trying to make a difference!”

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