New Globalscope Ireland team makes plans and connections in Cork

Cork, Ireland, Globalscope, Alicia Bucci, cork campus ministry

If you’re planning to hold any kind of religious event in Ireland, don’t hand out free soup!

This is just one of the many cultural customs that CMF recruit Alicia Bucci has learned as she prepares to help launch a new Globalscope campus ministry in Cork, Ireland.

So why no soup?

“During the potato famine in Ireland in the 1840s, there were some Protestant churches that handed out soup to anyone who converted from Catholicism and dropped the “o” from their last name,” explained Alicia. “A few years ago, a missionary family with good intentions was serving soup at a ministry event in a nearby city, and people are still talking about this cultural faux pas! The soup turned people away instead of drawing them in.”

Alicia and her team learned about this while they were in Cork recently and visited the pastor at a local church.

“Only about one percent of the population attends church in Ireland, so the local Cork church is small, but mighty,” said Alicia. “We spent time listening and learning from them about serious things, too, such as visa requirements.

“We also walked the campus to learn more about student life from students themselves, prayed over the city and grew closer as a team,” she added.

Cork, Ireland, Globalscope, Alicia Bucci, cork campus ministry

This is the oldest building on the campus of University College Cork, where our new Globalscope team will launch a campus ministry.

The team is made up of four people from three different states, so the distance can be a challenge to team bonding, but the trip helped them grow closer together.

“Overall, the trip went better than anyone could have ever expected,” said Alicia. “It was successful on a professional and personal level. We talked with the church, a local missionary, and students, and made some friends our age.

“Cork feels like home and my team is starting to feel like family,” added Alicia. “Being there and seeing the need for Jesus was an indescribable feeling. We were reminded that when the local church started praying for workers to come to Ireland is when Globalscope was led to send a team there!”

Cork, Ireland, Globalscope, Alicia Bucci, cork campus ministry

Members of the new Globalscope Ireland team and friends visited Cork recently to begin laying groundwork for their ministry.

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