Kenyan farms test new crops with amazing results

Turkana, Kenya, Gene, Morden, Haron, Jackson, farming, gardens, agriculture

The farms in Turkana, Kenya, are exploding with the growth of new crops, providing food and a livelihood for the farmers who work with the CMF garden projects, according to team member Gene Morden and Kenyan farm manager Haron Jackson.

Take a quick tour around the farms and see the newest, most successful young plants.

  Turkana, Kenya, Gene, Morden, Haron, Jackson, farming, gardens, agriculture  


The German non-government organization GIZ donated 220 papaya seedlings and 300 mango plants to the farm project, according to Gene Morden. All the trees were planted by farmers on 22 Turkana farms.

“Apart from providing beauty, windbreaks, and shade, the pawpaw (papaya fruit) is one of the best-selling fruits across the country,” said Haron Jackson. “It provides an economic benefit for about seven years. Our farmers are requesting more of these fruit trees!”


“These mango seedlings were planted at the first mango orchard in Turkana on our Ipokot mango farm,” said Haron. “The success of this orchard will have a big impact on the economy of this area.”

Moringa trees

“We planted moringa trees in the middle of our demonstration farm at Kokoi,” said Haron. “They back up to the neem trees, which are at the edges of the farm as windbreakers. Moringa is a miraculous plant that benefits humans and animals in many ways.”


“This is a new variety of kale, Sukuma Wiki, and is being tried first in Turkana,” said Haron. “The trial is taking place at our demonstration farm in Kokoi.”

“This is the most productive kale we have experienced,” added Gene Morden. “It produces a crop daily for about seven months! Kale is in high demand and very easy to sell.”

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