Church planting in Mexico: It’s all about relationships

Seth McManus, Puebla, Atizapan, Fuego Nuevo, Pachuca, Mexico, church planting

Associate Mobilizer Seth McManus, who works in CMF’s home office in Indianapolis, recently visited our church planting team in Mexico City. Here’s a brief look at how the strong relationships between CMF missionaries and the local communities are fueling church growth and transformation in Mexico City.

I recently had the incredible opportunity to spend a couple of weeks with CMF’s teams in Mexico.  I spent one week with El Pozo, the Globalscope campus ministry in Puebla, and one week with the church planting team in Mexico City.

Seth McManus, Puebla, Atizapan, Fuego Nuevo, Pachuca, Mexico, church planting

Men sort through the heaps of trash that accumulate in the Los Pepes community, just outside the La Zona community center in Fuego Nuevo.

During my week with the church planting team I visited neighborhood churches and community centers in Puebla, Atizapan, Fuego Nuevo and Pachuca. As coordinator of the REACH internships at CMF, it was a blessing to see where some of our interns will be serving and learning this summer.

Throughout each community I saw a common thread of relationships. Each team of CMF staff and Mexican partners have amazing relationships with the communities surrounding them. Through Community Health Evangelism, church outreach, youth programs, support groups, classes and more, each community has been impacted by long-term relationships. Spending time with Steve and Kay Carpenter showed me just how connected they are within their community. It gave me a whole new respect for the awesome CMF missionaries who have invested their whole lives into long-term transformation through the power of Christ.

In Pachuca, it was amazing to see a second church that had recently started in a new community. In Fuego Nuevo, I saw how CMF’s partners were reaching out to an impoverished community through working with children. In Atizapan, I saw people learning about health and nutrition while studying the Bible and finding community together. In Puebla, I saw service and accountability encouraging a local congregation.

Each of these growing fields is the result of long-lasting relationships with Mexican staff and community members. It was made clear to me that God has been working in each of these communities for a long time, and He has a plan for each of them to experience transformation in the months and years to come.

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