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Bandits terrorize Turkana farms

Gene and Melba Morden (Turkana, Kenya) report that bandits have been raiding farms and murdering innocent people, including children, in surprise attacks along the Kerio River in Turkana over the past several weeks. The bandits are using cell phones to coordinate their attacks, in which they steal livestock and shoot the farmers. Four people were killed by the bandits this past Friday alone in Kangirisae. Another was killed at his irrigated farm at Nachoto, only six km. south of Nakor, where the Mordens previously lived. This was the fourth attack in two weeks along the Kerio River. “All the people east of the river had forded to the west, and now everyone on the west, including the kids in the primary school, is reported to have run for their lives,” writes Gene Morden. “Everyone is scared. They are away from the only source of water at the river. We pray they have found the courage to go to the hand pumps further north.” The police have been slow to get involved, but have finally begun to engage in the situation, he added, and have reportedly caught at least one of the bandits. The government came through the area and disarmed the local populace a short time ago, so they had no guns with which to defend themselves. “We are praying for a stop to the violence and for peace to return,” writes Gene, “but how do you go back to your farm where your husband, father, brother, friend was shot dead? The Turkana usually desert places where bad things have happened. Pray that people will soon return to their homes, gardens and clean water.”