Globalscope brings together four friends from four countries

Who will God invite next to be a part of His story? Christine Barber, a campus minister at Canvas in Birmingham, England, was amazed by a series of connections sparked by recent visit to Tübingen, Germany, to visit her friend Robin. Here’s her story:

Robin, Christine, Lena and MariI moved from America to England to work at Canvas, met Robin and we became BFF’s. She met Jesus and decided to move to Germany to share His love with university students at Unterwegs, the Globalscope campus ministry in Tübingen. Robin randomly met Lena and invited her to Cafe English at Unterwegs. Lena came, and has been a part of the community there ever since. Mari was born in Italy, eventually moved to Germany, met Lena at school and they became friends. Mari goes to the university in Freiburg, came to Tübingen for the weekend to visit Lena, went to Unterwegs to check it out, and then found out that a brand new Globalscope location is opening at her university in Freiburg this coming year!

How cools is that?! Four girls from four different countries meet, become friends, and have one thing in common: Globalscope! Once again I’m left in awe of the fact that God decided to choose an ordinary person like me (and you) to play a part in His extraordinary story!

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