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Baptisms highlight El Oasis beach retreat

Students and staff from the Globalscope El Oasis campus ministry in Santiago, Chile, enjoyed a challenging and inspirational retreat at the ocean in late May. Lukas Fortunato, a member of the CMF Globalscope team, says that although they have been doing these retreats every year since 2003, “this retreat ranks up there with our best. In the past month it seems like lots of new students have been coming through these doors (at the campus ministry site) and staying and inviting their friends. As a result, this retreat had a lot of new faces, and a retreat is the best time to really begin to feel like you belong.” The highlight of the weekend occurred on Saturday afternoon when the group gathered in a circle on the beach, sang songs, listened to some stories, read Scripture and then baptized three of the students. “Rodrigo, Flavio and Jonathon left their old selves behind and came out of the water brand new,” said Lukas. “The Pacific got its name for being calm, but on Saturday, maybe it was excited along with us, because it was as choppy as we’ve ever seen it. But nothing would stop these three guys from completing this journey.” The three young men braved the wind and waves and took a big step of faith, while the rest of their community applauded them from the shore. “This is why we do campus ministry,” said Lukas.

En Vivo helps build another house

For the fourth year in a row, the students and staff of the Globalscope En Vivo campus ministry are working on a building project with Habitat for Humanity. This week (June 6-10) a team of 12 from the ministry in Salamanca, Spain, will head west to Portugal to help construct a Habitat home for a needy family. “We are so excited to provide this opportunity for our students to serve their neighbors and put their faith into practice,” said staff member Chris Beirne. “Pray for us as we go.”

Perspectives in Indianapolis

Join us at Perspectives classes in Indianapolis! Online Registration opens June 1st: LOCATION: Monday evening at East 91st St Christian Church, 6049 E. 91st St, Indianapolis, IN 46250, or Tuesday evening at Chapel Rock Christian Church, 2020 N. Girls School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46214 DATES: Monday nights, August 15 – November 28, 2011 6:30 – 9:15 PM, E. 91st St Christian Church in The Hall Tuesday nights, August 16 – November 29, 2011 6:30 –  9:00pm, Chapel Rock Christian Church